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Now place your eyes on the ocean…. From Above

With drone photography … no two moments are ever the same….

Escape into the blues; clear to deep … the rugged coastline carrying the sun on sandy beaches …

…Wall Art that takes you there…

To your favourite beach… with your eyes on the ocean … from above.

Find quality prints from a selection of Western Australia’s best beaches…. Isolated and pristine – these artworks are uncovered for you, through the exciting medium of drone photography.

With drone photography exploration and adventure is rewarded.

A passion for the natural landscape combined with the technical skill and artistry of drone photography can now bring the best of the ocean into the spaces we live each day.

Give the gift of these amazing views by selecting the wall art that places your eyes on the ocean from above.

Amy Wichmann

Amy Wichmann

Amy is the owner of this business and looks after all financials, operations and customer support. Every order is carefully thought after with quality control and customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list.

Mathias Wichmann

Mathias Wichmann

Loves creating anything visual

lives in:

listens to:
A lot of electro, Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd, Kings of Convenience, John Butler Trio and SEEED

High Fidelity or watches Fight Club

camera gear:
Sony FS5 with Atomos Shogun
DJI Mavic 2 Pro
Samyang Cine T1.5 lenses
Sigma Art F1.4

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Lightroom
DaVinci Resolve

My connection to the beach started around 2004-5 when I started kitesurfing in Germany. I absolutely fell in love with being at the beach and the water. Kitesurfing gives you a great connection between the elements and yourself. Also it’s nice and quiet out in the ocean. I started competing and travelled a lot because of it. I then started writing for a kitesurfing magazine and ultimately became the editor-in-chief which meant travelling more and taking lots of photos and videos of gear and putting stories of other riders together. This sparked my interest in videography and photography. Because of kitesurfing I basically ended up in Perth, Western Australia which is one of the best watersport destinations in the world. The drone side of things just gives you a much better point of view and truly captures the beauty of the countryside here. It was never intended to be a drone only feed but hey the grid looks good. The beaches here are absolutely amazing and the people are one of the kindest you will meet. I do call it home now.

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